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  1. shine900 says:

    Most of these have stood empty since the project began in 2003, with subsequent global financial downturns doing little to encourage developers.

  2. gain777.com says:

    No fewer than 15 luxury hotels, vacation homes and billionaire mansions now stand or are beginning to appear on these aquatic plots. Most are still unfinished, awaiting the final touches needed to meet the first completion deadlines at the end of 2020.

  3. kkr789.com says:

    Six themed islands form the Heart of Europe, with travelers able to choose between locations designed to replicate Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Venice, the Cote d’Azure and others.

  4. aace777.com says:

    The concept is that, once they’ve arrived, guests should be able to convince themselves they’ve been transported from often sweltering Arabian heat to less arid climes.

  5. qqueen700.com says:

    Within the island’s vast $21.8 million show mansion — one of 10 “palaces” beneath rooftops resembling upturned Viking ships — is a basement housing kitchens, a gym, spa and sauna … and a snow room.

  6. woca99.com says:

    Exclusive furnishings by high-end car maker Bentley include plush seating for lavish dinner parties at a table the length of a limo, a circular bed with ocean views and a huge marble tub.

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